D. Lamasi

D. Lamasi is related to the D. ventrimaculatus. The legs and arms are covered with black spots on a bluish white ('standard' Lamasi) reticulated background. The back patern is fairly complex with 2 broad black bands running back from the eyes to over the hump of the back. A different morph is the orange stripe instead of yellow. A variation of the 'standard' Lamasi is the 'Panguana' Lamasi where the black bands are broader and the yellow stripe are narrower. Also, the legs and arms are covered with a brownish background rather than the bluish background as in the 'standard' Lamasi. I am keeping three forms of the Lamasi: Standard, Panguana and Panguana with green legs.


Standard Lamasi



Panguana Lamasi


Panguana Lamasi Green legged form


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